Family business is the heartbeat of America. It is a vibrant and growing aspect of our economy and certainly visible in each of our communities. Yet, increasingly, many family businesses are not only struggling, they are not surviving from one generation to the next.

Research would indicate that "business focused families" versus "family focused families" tend to perform better. Business focused families tend to concentrate on what is in the best interest of the business versus family focused families on the other hand, make decisions based on the needs of the family first. Business focused families tend to implement their succession plans at a higher rate, be more clear about how to best leverage their unique skills and talents, more often focus on key challenges and priorities facing them, address urgent family matters, communicate with greater transparency, and realize a greater business return on assets.

Why is this? At Dohr Family Business Consulting we believe, in part, it comes down to your commitment as a family business to make a long-range investment in the necessary planning and implementation of requirements critical for transitioning a family-owned business. Requirements such as implementing strategic planning, clarifying the roles and boundaries between the business, ownership and family, practicing accountability and open communications, and most importantly, creating an environment based on trust, respect and enduring legacy for its members. Working with trusted advisors is also an essential ingredient. We have considerable experience working with these issues and challenges.

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