Conflict Resolution

Today, effectiveness in most businesses depends, in part, upon how well everyone gets along with one another. Owners, family members, management, employees all share the same challenge-are we all going in the same direction, do we have enough clarity and communication of common goals and interests to keep us together, and do we have the interpersonal skills to resolve our differences. The facts are, most businesses are not prepared to deal with such matters. Increasingly diverse family needs and workforce needs, generational differences, heightened performance expectations, limited resources, and greater interaction among co-workers in transition situations will produce conflict and tension.

Conflict, if ignored or overlooked, may sabotage an ownership transition and/or staff's productivity and morale. When family members and/or key employees are visibly uncomfortable working together and work effectiveness diminishes, it is time to call in an expert that deals with these sorts of issues.
The goal of conflict resolution is to help owners, families, employees and teams work through their divergent priorities and discover solutions in a safe and productive manner. The process is designed to help clients create and implement practical tools, strategies and plans to resolve the existing conflict and have greater confidence and capability for future conflicts.

Symptoms to Look For

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