Firing on All Cylinders

Instructions: Please check a box in each of the following categories you believe to be currently occurring in the organization with some degree of frequency. Check both boxes in the space if you perceive the category to be a major concern.
1. Ownership conflicts are frequent and unresolved
2. Employees are insecure and easily threatened
3. High turnover/low morale
4. Over-emphasis on competition
5. Blaming when mistakes occur
6. Focus on "catching people doing things wrong"
7. Micro-management from the "top"
8. People are not consistently and fairly treated
9. People display anger/resentment
10. Conflicts avoided
11. Problem-seeking vs. problem solving
12. Emotions vs. Facts rule
13. Several interpersonal "blow-ups"
14. High frequency of rumors
15. Little rewards and recognition
16. Trust and respect low
17. Values, ethics, integrity not important here
18. Action won’t be taken on this survey
19. Ownership expectations are unknown
20. Command/control management
21. Fear to "say what’s on mind"
22. Little creativity/initiative-taking
23. No accountability
24. Little risk-taking
25. Back stabbing
26. Manipulation
27. Goals constantly re-shifting and priorities / resources frequently re-directed
28. No clear strategic plan
29. Secrecy
30. Play it safe
31. Decisions made without ownership/involvement
32. Processes not established, followed, measured
33. Lots of politics
34. Confusion relative to "where are we going as a business"
35. Chaos with very little business structure
36. Confusion over roles, responsibilities, and authority