Mediation Services

Dohr Family Business Advisors provide certified mediators to help you with your business disputes. Our mediators can help find workable solutions to a number of situations assisting business leaders, board directors, employees, ownership groups, partners and any other group/team experiencing the need to resolve their conflict.

Our mediators are fully trained and have specialized experience to help problem-solve your most difficult situation in a safe, confidential and affordable manner.

For examples, what would you Do if you had a…

Family Business Dispute: Relationships in the family business are becoming increasingly strained and it is difficult to communicate with other family members about certain matters such as ownership, job roles, governance, family matters, management of the business, future of the next generation, etc.

Workplace Conflict: Co-workers as well as employer and employee conflicts occurring
Dissolution of Business/Partnership/Properties: It is not uncommon in today’s business environment for owners and/or partners to want to part ways i.e. dissolve partnership agreements, real property and assets, etc.

Five Reasons to Mediate:

  1. Time: Mediation is faster and more flexible than courts.
  2. Money: Affordable rates that average considerably less than court costs and attorney’s fees.
  3. Confidentiality: Mediations are private and confidential.
  4. Respect: Everyone has a chance to be heard in a safe environment while telling the other person how you feel and what you want.
  5. Success: About 75% of cases mediated are resolved because people make their own decisions and agreements.