Michael C. Jordan, Ph.D.

Mike works with organizations to achieve results by helping them create both the will and the ability to develop and use the talent of their people. His work focuses first on helping leaders and their teams align on specific objectives, and then identifying and implementing tangible actions to drive measurable results. Mike’s consulting approach begins by building and strengthening trust, and by coaching people on how to work through challenges together to realize extraordinary results.

Mike has lived and worked in the US, Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East, and is fluent in French. His areas of expertise include executive coaching and leadership team facilitation, applied behavioral science, team alignment and development, managing complex change with multicultural teams, conflict resolution and mediation. In addition to executive coaching and organization consulting, he has developed and led a variety of management and leadership training programs.

Mike began his career in change and modernization in developing countries and conducted primary research to support a mass media campaign on family planning values for the Family Planning Association of Iran in 1975–1976. Mike taught Leadership and Interpersonal Communication at Seattle University in the not-for-profit masters degree program from its inception in 1994 until 2005. He became a certified mediator in Washington State in 2009, and is currently President of the Board of the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution.

Mike has worked in both the for-profit and not-for-profit world, and has been in independent practice since 1992.