Dr. Dohr’s Recommended
Practices for Successful Hiring

What else can you do to increase your success during the hiring process? Listed below are 11 practices I recommend to help you make better hiring decisions for your business.

  1. Conduct realistic job previews and set expectations with each candidate.
  2. Hire from pool of temp-to-hire, adjunct staff, interns, and part-time workers who are known quantities.
  3. Hire from current employee referrals.
  4. Create a realistic job description with a short list of critical competencies.
  5. Create a pay plan that coincides with No. 4.
  6. Allow team members to interview candidates.
  7. Hire from pool of current employees.
  8. Create a way for candidates to “sample” on-the-job experience.
  9. Use "job match" testing (learning ability, personality, career interest testing).
  10. Interview "new hires" to find out how to minimize new hire surprises in the future.
  11. Use thorough reference checking.