2011 Seattle Business Magazine Family Business Award "Best Practices" - Nelson Legacy Group

Tom Markl, CEO

Nelson Legacy Group

Ron Dohr has been working with the Nelson family alongside me for six years, beginning shortly after the death of their father who was the business founder. The five siblings who were the heirs to the business had an immediate need to coalesce into an effective family team to oversee the business and address family needs. Ron has worked with the family to develop effective interpersonal communication skills to enable the family to tackle difficult issues, to form a Family Board to resolve matters of shared interest, need or concern, to establish a Business Board to oversee the family business and hire a CEO, and, most recently, to begin preparing the next generation to become owners and heirs to the family legacy, both its assets and its values.


Mark Williams

Chief Executive Officer & President
Worldwide Distributors Cooperative

Our cooperative members are primarily family businesses. When it comes to succession planning, they need more than just legal and financial advice. Legal or financial advice is easy for them to find anywhere. What is more difficult to find is that special family advisor who is uniquely sensitive to complex relationships that exist within a family-owned business; where most business is discussed at the dinner table and not in an office. Ron Dohr has that rare skill; the ability to listen to people and help them express their needs to others constructively while effectively resolving their challenging issues.

Ron not only listens, he guides his clients through the process of succession planning – setting priorities, establishing goals, and incorporating the right expertise when needed. Ron is especially attuned to helping families through those difficult discussions about money, control and future business transitions. And he gets the job done.

Ron Dohr has been assisting our cooperative for a number of years. We highly recommend Ron to our members. Those that have used his services have been very satisfied and very appreciative of Ron's work.


The Nesland Family

Hydraulic Repair and Design
NK Hydraulic Parts
CCECO Lab and Filtration

Working with Ron Dohr has been such a joy. He has spent the last couple of years working with our family to help us with our succession planning.

Ron has helped each of our family members to better understand our strengths, and how they fit into the continued success of our family business. He has helped us to establish a plan for our business direction as well as for our management team and key employees.

Ron’s practical approach of helping us to focus on what is most important as well as building our confidence and skills to make the right decisions for our family, our employees and our customers will help ensure our family legacy for many years to come.


Carolyn Flintoff, Co-Owner

Medosweet Farms, Inc.
August, 2006

We highly recommend using Ron Dohr for your Family Business Succession Planning as well as for any transitioning of leadership responsibilities. Ron has a great understanding of the family business structure and works hard, helping to resolve problems that occur, with family members working together. He has been most helpful in identifying problem areas and encouraging us as we began to create a Board of Directors. Ron is a wonderful team player, always putting our concerns and problems into realistic resolutions.


Brian Nelson, Owner & Member/Partner

Nelson Real Estate Management (NREM)
Chairman, Wenatchee Valley Bank
July 20, 2006

I strongly recommend Ron Dohr/Dohr Family Business Consulting for any Family Business Succession/Transition endeavor. He has enhanced both our business and our family relationships. He has been working with us for the last two years and we could not have done without him on our own. We did an extensive search to find the right person to help reorganize our family business. My father did a great job of estate planning but neglected succession planning. Both are required when you’re saddled together with your siblings as owners of a business after your father passes. As a result we gained as excellent opportunity by designing a road map of how we could make it work for us without killing each other. Fortunately we chose Ron Dohr and continue to draw upon his expertise.


Art Campbell, General Manager

Campbell’s Resort at Lake Chelan
July 19, 2006

Our family business has worked with Ron Dohr and his company for over 3 years, helping guide us through the succession planning process for our 5th generation. Both the 4th and 5th generation members have developed an excellent working relationship with Ron. We appreciate and value his balanced and sensitive approach of focusing on sustaining family needs and harmony as well keeping on track for business profits and growth. With Ron’s help, we are laying the groundwork for a successful ownership and management transition to the next generation.


Bert Paul, Owner

Forks Outfitters
July, 2006

Our family has had the pleasure of working with Ron Dohr in our planning to pass on the family business to the fourth generation of Forks Outfitters.

Ron in his organized approach has not only kept the ball rolling but has helped us to deal with the family issues while never losing track of the ultimate goal of transferring business leadership while maintaining family harmony.

You may think you can do it yourself and possibly you can but I found that there is a lot more to the process than I was aware of and found Ron’s expertise to be critical to our transition.