Dohr Family Business Consulting approaches clients by combining many solid business years of experience with a unique combination of behavioral and organizational skills to address both the science and the art of family and closely-held business transition. We believe that situational readiness is very important as well as self-awareness. Change does not begin to occur until both of those conditions are evident to you, the client.

One of the ways to create self-awareness is through diagnostic assessments. By utilizing various assessment tools available to you, we feel you can be in a much better position to really understand the full picture.

We typically suggest to clients completing various Tools not only as a way to build self-awareness but also as way to get started. For example, by completing the "Family Business Checklist", or answering "General Owner/Operator Questions", or completing the "Firing on All Cylinders" questionnaire there can be a better understanding of needs and priorities.

We find our most effective relationships are long-term where we provide services as part of an ongoing continuous plan that aligns with one’s ownership vision and preferred future. So go ahead and check out the tools listed on the right and see how your own family business and situation may be impacted.

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