What We Do

Family businesses are special and unique businesses entities. In addition to the usual and daunting list of challenges faced by businesses today, the family business incorporates another level of complexity. While many businesses face difficult challenges in building toward success and effectiveness, these challenges have special meaning in the family context. For example, management succession takes on a very personal and more emotional level of involvement when the owner considers the performance and competence of a son or daughter-in-law. Yet, by not effectively dealing with such issues, an owner’s dreams and vision for future business success may be in jeopardy.
Dohr Family Business Consulting is committed to you, as the owner, in helping to plan for and find solutions to building value in your business, strengthening management and organizational effectiveness, increasing enjoyment and peace of mind in owning and operating your business, and developing and nurturing family relationships. We also assist in the process of helping owners to clarify a preferred future and exit strategy for their business and identify the necessary planning pieces to achieve this result.

Our approach seeks a balance between answering two primary questions:

  1. How can the family best sustain the business?
  2. How can the business best sustain the family?
We believe the balance must provide for the satisfaction of the family and the economic health of the business and there is long-term commitment to each for family-owned businesses to transition successfully.

Ron Dohr’s approach is to serve as a trusted advisor for the family business client helping to successfully integrate the various financial, legal, behavioral, managerial and wealth advisory needs the client may have during the life cycle of business transition. Working through an affiliation of highly educated and experienced team of advisors, Ron and his team of advisors can address any issue you may face during your transition.

Dohr Family Business Consulting approaches client situations with the belief that there are five primary factors that will determine the outcome of a healthy transitioning family business. We believe that by addressing each of these five primary success areas in an integrated manner as part of a larger planning process, you will have a much greater likelihood of achieving your transition goals.

5 Success Factors for Family Business
Five Success Factors for Family Business