Business owners have a dream and vision for their family success. Success often means building value and harmony for their family business as it grows and transitions through time. The smoother the transition, the greater the peace of mind! For many owner-operators the future vision includes keeping the family together. It includes planning for and effectively leading the business toward growth, profitability and family harmony. Are these true for you? What do you want for your business enterprise?

Our Mission at Dohr Family Business Consulting is to help you as an owner build stakeholder value and family harmony while transitioning the business toward future goals. We provide a comprehensive set of services to help owners and operators make the necessary decisions and navigate the road to success to fulfill their dreams and vision for the business.

Our goal at Dohr Family Business Consulting is to work with family-owned and other closely-held businesses in planning for growth, profitability and enterprise success. We believe that by strengthening management effectiveness, increasing your enjoyment in running your business, attaining personal and business goals, developing harmonious relationships with family and near-family members, and crafting solutions for financial issues such as estate planning and taxes, the success of your business will be optimized.

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