Organizational Development

Our team can assist clients with all organizational and people issues relative to management, work design, processes, systems and change management. This may include: organizational audits, recommendations on the optimal ownership and management structure, work re-design, and ensuring that the right people are in the right jobs.

Organizations and everything in them are constantly changing and transitioning to something other than what they are. Organization development is a systematic process of managing changes in the current business toward specified future outcomes. We help business owners plan and implement such changes.

By examining the thinking assumptions, strategies and goals of the business in relation to several critical factors such as organizational structure, business processes, resource capacity, market performance, product life cycle, customer needs, leadership style, decision-making models, and corporate culture, an entirely new alignment of the organizational components is created to support strategic direction. How do we help owners achieve transitional changes in their business?
Our Approach

We approach organization development by combining solid business experience with a unique combination of behavioral and organizational skills-to address both the science and the art of business leadership and organizational change. Each engagement includes three phases:

  1. Diagnostic assessment.
  2. Management awareness and definition of alternative solutions.
  3. Implementation of measurable action plans, training and education, change coaching and consulting during the transformation.
Our experience shows that the typical process of business transformation can require as little as three to six, or as long as 18-24 months to design and implement a new structure, define a new business direction, or create a new climate or culture. Our approach is tailored to each unique set of needs and focused on helping owners to build business value and effectiveness during transition, whether it be start-up, fast growth, merger or acquisition, ownership and management succession or under-performing situations.

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